Giving Back in a 5-Star Way
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Redefining Luxury Travel

At Travel Curation we believe that travel is about seeing and experiencing this amazing planet that we live on, but also about creating lasting memories, meeting incredible people from different backgrounds with different cultures, and most importantly leaving each place in a better way than we found it.

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Why Choose Us

I have been doing this type of work for over 15 years. It has taken me all over the world and I am eternally grateful to my bosses for the experiences I have had. I created this company for two reasons;

1) because I didn't see anywhere else in the market where people were planning travel and concierge at the level that I was delivering to my clients. I wanted to create a platform for people to bring their passion for travel and allow my team to curate a unique and special experience for them while delivering exceptional 24/7 service from their initial trip planning all the way through until they return home.

2) I wanted to combine my love for travel with my passion for helping others and the planet as a whole. I wanted to give people an option to plan a trip or an experience and know that 5% of their fee would be going to an organization around the world to help others or the planet. Along with that 5% going to charity, I also wanted to open people's minds about the idea of traveling while helping others on the ground by doing volunteer travel experiences.


“Lindsey & Travel Curation planned the best trip we could have ever imagined! She is redefining the way travel and helping others are done”

Danielle Adkins

Come Discover The World With Us

  • Luxury Travel
  • Curated Travel Experiences
  • Volunteering Trips

Whether you're seeking opulent relaxation in breathtaking destinations, a once in a lifetime curated experience, or the ability to contribute to local communities, Travel Curation has a trip tailored just for you.

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